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  • How does the process work
    Step 1: 30-minute Consultation - Initial, complimentary call to discuss Client needs and how we can work together. Step 2: Proposal - Defines the scope of the project, provides the timeline, and includes a fair and competitive price quote (the investment in your career success). Step 3: Strategy Call - A 60 to 90-minute call to get to know you better. We'll deep dive into your career history, accomplishments, passions, goals, strengths, weaknesses, target job and career search strategies. Step 4: Product Development, Initial Draft, and Edits - There will be one or more rounds of revisions and editing necessary to craft a final, compelling, and effective career marketing document that showcases value. Step 5: Client Approval - Client approval, finishing touches, and preparation for final delivery. Step 6: Delivery - Final product(s) will be delivered via email attachment in both MS Word and PDF formats.
  • Why do I need a resume writer?
    If you've been looking for a job for quit a while and haven't had much success, you may need to invest in a professionally written resume. Resume writers are trained to help you tell your career story, demonstrate the value you'll bring to a prospective employer, and frame your accomplishments, experiences, and skills in a manner that grabs an employer's attention, as well as get past applicant tracking systems (ATS). Here are a few additional signs that its time to invest in a professional resume writer: 1. You may not be good at writing 2. You are not sure what to include 3. You are not good at (or do not like) bragging about yourself 4. Your resume is not getting you interviews, which means it is not getting noticed. 5. You have a unique situations, such as, returning to work, changing career fields, transitioning out of the military and you are not sure how to present yourself.
  • Do you only work with Veterans?
    No. I specialize in career transition and assist clients who are seeking to change career fields, returning to work after an extended absence, graduates, and anyone who finds a need to have professional assist with mapping out a career search strategy.
  • Why do I need a career coach?
    A career coach may be necessary if you desire to make changes in your professional life. They can provide professional insight, advice, and direction of which you may not be aware of.
  • How do we get started?
    Click on the "Let's get started" button. It will take you to a contact form that will allow you to schedule a free, 30-minute consulation.
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