Landing a job with the federal government can be difficult and complicated, but it is not impossible

The federal hiring process is extremely different from private sector process and the typical 1 or 2 page resume will not adequately showcase your

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)

A federal resume is a specialized and comprehensive document 

that details more specific information both about you and your work experience than a typical private sector resume.


Since 2015 I have been crafting federal resumes for transitioning military, veterans, government job seekers, and current federal employees seeking promotion or change.




Tell your unique story in an achievements-based and keyword optimized format that will rank you as Best Qualified.

Quickly demonstrate to Human Resources Specialists that you have the Specialized Experience and KSAs required for the position and agency.


Support your application questionnaire answers, as well as your level of Specialized Experience with the desired KSAs.